Ali Lawal

Mar 9, 2021

3 min read

2014 Chicago Potholes

Potholes within the Communities of Chicago

Potholes are a complete drag to everyday life. Not only do they slow down traffic but, they can also be a serious hazard to drivers of the road. Even some pedestrians are at risk too.

Potholes are a natural underground deep cavity that's formed by the erosion of rock. Potholes are usually formed after the cold and wet seasons when snow and ice are prevalent, like winter.

Here is a three-step model showing how potholes are usually formed over time:

  1. The water from the ice and snow melts into the cracks of the roads with them. When temperatures drop below freezing, the water on the subsurface becomes ice and expand.

Potholes are very common in the city.

Ask anyone who drives the streets of this city and they will probably recall two or three for you just off the top of their heads. A total of 527 potholes were filled back in 2014.

Let us take a look at the map below:

As you can see, potholes are found stretched all throughout the city of Chicago. From the farthest Northend to the farthest South, East, and West; potholes have ravaged the streets of Chicago.

Luckily, the marks indicated on the map are displaying potholes that’s been “fixed”by zip code. Knowing this info gives hope to the streets of Chicago.

What can you do when you come across a pothole?

  1. When you are faced with a physical pothole ahead, it’s best you try to avoid it at all costs. In doing so, you’ll protect your car from damage as well as your health.

Potholes are like pimples on a face. They pop up everywhere, cause a bit of drama, then go away with the proper “treatment”.

Although they pose a problem there IS a fix.

Just remember, the efforts of keeping potholes in check ultimately involves community. A community willing to share their findings and help one another. This, will then make potholes just a tad more bearable in the City of Chicago.