Ali Lawal

Feb 18, 2021

1 min read

Annual Snowfall in Boston, Chicago, New York, and Minneapolis

Ask a person from Chicago “what’s the weather like?” One would most likely be greeted with some sort of exuberated eyeroll.

The weather in Chicago go towards the extremes but, the state alone doesn't stand alone when it comes to fidget winters- Take a look at the chart below:

Upper North towards the Midwest regions of the United states can get really cold. Freezing weather is often times accompanied with inches of snow. According to the chart. in 2008: Boston, Chicago, and Minneapolis’s total annual snowfall that year didn't range too much in variability. Snow accumulation between those three areas were 50–60inches with an exception of New York, which only had 10 inches of snow accumulation that year.

Looking at the year of 2018 you can see the trends amongst these areas shift. Boston, Chicago, and New York has snow accumulation ranging from 33 inches to 50 inches with an exception of Minneapolis. In the year of 2018, the snow accumulation changed a bit, having Minneapolis being the outlier this time around with 82 inches of snow.

In 2012, all locations were a lot warmer than they ever had been compared to the other years and overall, over the course of 10 years: Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis, and New York has experienced some similar snowfall accumulation.