George Floyd Protests

A walk through inequality, rage, and madness.

On May 25, 2020 George Floyd, a 46-year-old African-American Man, lost his life to police brutality. The video of Floyd found its way to the surface of most media platforms. On the following day protests bombarded the streets of Minneapolis.

This behavior quickly spread throughout the United States resulting in protests and riots erupting in over 100 different cities. 20 of which was confirmed to have National Guards deployed in places facing the most chaos.

George Floyd protests are a series of police brutality protests that aims to cease all unwarranted illegal use of force against civilians. These protests are meant to spread awareness as well as push a change that will enable minorities to not be targeted in a society where they are.

As we approach the one-year-anniversary death of George Floyd, let us take some time to recap the various events that happened shortly after Floyd’s passing in police custody.

Here is a consolidated timeline of George Floyd protests that took place Summer of 2020:

Here is the interactive chart.

“It’s important moving forward that the nation as a whole sees what happened and they understand the severity of what happened and why the people are protesting and trying to push for change,”

-Chidera Ogwu.

George Floyd was a son, a brother, cousin, friend, dad, but most importantly a human being. What took place is a call to action to reconstruct the nation in a way where it is fair and righteous, not just “functional”. A push for change is prominent not only for George Floyd but also for others like him.