Ali Lawal

Feb 14, 2021

1 min read

Illinois COVID-19 Cases

Covid-19 cases reported Spring 2020

COVID-19 is something many many are well aware of now. COVID first made its appearance sometime in December of 2019, according to CDC. Since then,

COVID-19 has grown into the ongoing pandemic we know of today.

The graph above the number of COVID cases contracted amongst each racial group. Spring 2020 was one of Illinois’ earliest big wave of COVID-19, Just like many other parts of the U.S. April 30th had the largest spike of COVID cases amongst all races totaling to about 1,315 reported COVID cases that day alone .

The top 3 categories affected most during that whole time period were Latinx, Blacks, and Unknown Race/Ethnicity , based on what’s reported above.

The question here is: Why are certain groups more affected than others? Furthermore, what is being done to slow the rates of COVID?

As of today, we are in phase 1A and 1B of COVID vaccine distribution.

This includes frontline healthcare workers and the older, more vulnerable populations.

As we move forward, practicing proper hygienic routines and social distancing will be our two main contributors as we wait for more vaccines to become available.

Hopefully, this can bring a decline in COVID cases amongst all races.