2020s Top 20 Earners of NCAA Football

Total Salaries of Head Football Coaches at NCAA Football subdivisions.

Football is a very popular sport. From the quick dashes across the field to the blows experienced from player to player, it’s no surprise that Football is the most popular game in the United States.

There is a lot that goes into coaching a popular sport. Let us take a look behind the scenes and into reported coach salaries.

Here’s a chart showcasing the Top 20 NCAA football coach salaries of 2020:

The earnings displayed here range from $4 million to $9 million across the board.

Sitting 3rd on this list is Coach Dabo Swinney from Clemson University with $8,258,575. In 2nd we see Coach Ed Orgeron from Louisiana State with $8,687,500. Last but certainly not least, №.1 on our list here is Coach Nick Sabon from Alabama Crimsontide with $9,100,000.

These figures make up the actual school pay which is the remaining amount of the scheduled pay each coach has yet to receive for that academic school year. The base salary of each coach as well as deferred payments earned annually is both calculated into these figures.

This data does not include those who worked for only part of the academic year. It only reveals those who worked a full school year. Coaches that were displayed with no earnings listed were not reported and factored into the data.

On Average, The top 20 earners of NCAA football subdivisions earn $6,134,095. That is more than 100x the amount of the average U.S. worker. which, has wage earnings of $39,819 reported early 2020 via USA Facts.

With numbers like these, one can imagine the amount of funding put into this sport. NCAA, a non-profit organization, rounds up roughly about $44.8 million for general and administrative expenses like equipment, travel, and coaching.

NCAA Basketball may bring in one of the largest revenue when it comes to tournaments at individual schools. Before the tournament level, each school can earn revenue by having individual basketball games hosted. However, at this level NCAA football reigns top of the hierarchy generating about $31.9 million as of 2019. That is more than the total revenue combined for 35 different sports at the Division 1 level.